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released February 5, 2014

Recorded mostly live and mixed by Justin Kirkland at Screen Door Records. FREE DOWNLOAD (name your price)

Sam Simmons- Vox/Guitar
Renan Tormin- Bass/Vox
Ben Scheffler- Drums



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The New Industry Standard Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The New Industry Standard is a band from Murfreesboro, TN. We consist of Sam Simmons on Vox/Guitar, Renan Tormin on Bass/Vox, and Ben Scheffler on drums.

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Track Name: Responsibility
I gotta little bit too indulgent
Pouring sweet poison shots
Right now I would
Drink pure blood
To sober up

Enough liquor relieves
But a bunch deceives
Like I've been thrown
Through a cyclone
Everything's spinning
Or just me

Where'd I go
Where'd I go wrong
Where'd I go
Where'd I go wrong
Was it four
Or the twelfth shot
Where'd I go wrong
Where did I go wrong

I better get blamed
By the sober me
Yeah that bitter drink
Dried up my brain
Time will always tell
But I gotta say
Tomorrow I will take
Track Name: Top Forty Radio
Bury me underground
Smile towards the tombstone
If I should forget the songs
That rock me to my bone

My friend only knows
Top forty radio
I hope it's just one man's fault
I hope he's on a throne
Above these corporate clones
There I can cut out his heart

Violence makes some sense
My hands are blood toned
Clenching up into fists
Pounding the dial-er

I want new terrain
Where are the DJs
Our mainstream is stagnant
Why devolve to this
Monotonous shtick
A month a hit
And on and on

I'll take every miss
Before the same hits
Just to get something fresh
Why devolve to this
Monotonous shtick
Of sequence
Reruns reran
Track Name: A Song
What are these killjoys singing about
And am I the one to hear them out
Three minutes and fifteen seconds down
I get to see their cross hairs now

But my emphasis
On banal problems has
Left me a bit

If there's a correct sentiment
No matter what you do with it
Then that's just it I'm in on this
I've watched the world go insane

I'm into bliss, not ignorant
To the singer's sentiment
Three minutes and sixteen seconds then
This is on what I reflected

My emphasis
On banal problems has
Left me a bit
Track Name: Church
Four legged dogs
And two legged children
Feeling uncontrolled
Yet part of a system
Make way with prepared mental function
And stay sane

I saw light and breeze
Clawing the playground
While spinning up a glow
Of particle pieces
Fake days alone in a cupboard
Are wasted
Track Name: Minor Song(instrumental)